The Top 5 Entrances in WWE Today

The entrance. It’s an intricate part of any WWE performer. Whether it be a kick-ass song, pyro, or a certain swagger you walk with to the ring, an entrance can make or break a character. For some guys, though, it all comes together to create a perfect ring entrance.

While there are many great entrances and theme songs currently in WWE, I have decided to narrow it down to just the top five. My criteria is simple: does this entrance get me excited to see this performer? If it doesn’t, then it won’t be on this list. Without further ado, here’s a list of the top five entrances in WWE today.

*NOTE: this post is as of September 6, 2017, and only features CURRENT superstars of WWE’s main roster and NXT. No legends entrances will be on this list. Sorry, Undertaker.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Jinder Mahal, Finn Balor, No Way Jose, Triple H (technically).

5) Aleister Black – The heavy metal music. The “rising from the dead” movement, a la Undertaker. The stoic-ness of Black as he walks to the ring. Simply put, his entrance is must-see. Black has been one of the best performers in NXT since his arrival in April. Not only has he destroyed everyone in his path, but his entrance has also been universally loved. It fits Black’s character to a T, bringing the character full circle with the fans. You’re left feeling intrigued and excited to see Black after his entrance, which is exactly what it’s supposed to do.

4) Brock Lesnar – What makes me put Brock at this spot is one thing: his song. It’s the perfect song for “The Beast,” as it sounds like a man who’s about to come to the ring and destroy some things. His entrance has been hurting a little since WWE got rid of pyro, but that still doesn’t mean his entrance isn’t a site to see. Capped off by jumping up to the ring apron from the floor, everything Lesnar does in his entrances strikes fear into his opponent. It’s one of the more effective entrances on the planet, solidifying that “The Beast” is here.

3) Bray Wyatt – We can all sit around and criticize how WWE has handled Wyatt since being called up in July 2013. What we can’t criticize, however, is his entrance. While it has been tweaked a little here and there throughout the years, it is still one of the more awe-inspiring sites in wrestling today. As soon as his creepy, backwoods theme hits, the “fireflies” come out, providing Bray with a truly unique entrance in WWE. His steady walk to the ring goes well with the character, and the lantern adds another dimension to the entrance as well. It’s about a perfect of entrance as you can get, and it rightfully earns its spot on the list.


Those opening words are, simply, glorious, giving Bobby Roode one of the best entrances in WWE. The piano lead-in to the first line of the song is also super catchy, and it gives you time to warm up your pipes and belt the words to Roode’s entrance. The ensuing guitar solos, slow walk to the ring, and robe-wearing entrance all add to the character Roode has become in NXT and now Smackdown. It’s great as a heel. It’s great as a face. It’s great, period. Or should I say it’s glorious???

1) Shinsuke Nakamura – If you have epilepsy, you probably don’t like Shinsuke’s entrance. If you don’t however, you know that it’s currently the best entrance in WWE today. You can hum-along to his song without having to memorize any words. The electric dancing style of Nakamura as he walks to the ring is infectious, getting everyone off their feet and dancing. He caps it off with even more dancing and gyrating in the ring, bringing to conclusion what, I believe, is the best entrance in WWE today.

And that’s the list. Disagree? Feel free to tweet your angst at me @Austin_Hough29.



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