Miscellaneous thoughts from my summer of news journalism

If you’ve noticed in the past few months, I have been doing my fair share of news journalism for the two biggest broadcast classes at MU: B2 and B3.

This blog shows that I indeed did survive the 14 weeks of nonstop journalism and can now live to tell the tale.

Now I know what you’re wondering…”Austin, what goes on in the mind of a news journalist?” Well, look no further. Throughout the summer, I jotted down random thoughts that popped into my brain while reporting for KOMU. I decided to share those thoughts with you here in this blog as a way to “celebrate” surviving one of the most challenging journalism summers of my life (so far).

All of my B2 and B3 friends can relate to most of the thoughts I had. If you’re not a journalist, then I at least hope you find this entertaining. Without further ado, here’s what happens in the brain of a journalist.

  • I know it’s 9am, but I’ve been up for 8 hours already. So I can have a beer, right? Like it’s basically lunch for me.
    • This is what happens to your biological clock when you report live for the morning show
  • I didn’t think I could eat a sandwich that fast
    • I ate it in under a minute. I was very proud of myself.
  • When it’s breaking news at 1am, who gives a f***
  • I really can’t feel my feet
    • Also from the night above
  • Journalism- You want to watch the British Open, but you have to go film parking meters
    • Sports took a major backseat this summer for me. The Cubs are still good, right?
  • I swear if this little bird flies at me during my live shot, I’m going to be mad.
    • Might’ve said another word than “mad”…but we’re keeping it PG here
  • Morning live: when basic human functions become difficult
    • Walking, talking, eating…nothing is safe during (or after) morning lives
  • I never thought I’d say this, but I was happy to drive 2 hours to the middle of nowhere Missouri for a story
  • Your story pitch could be “the least important decision I make the rest of my career”- Matt Johnson
    • I was Matt’s last ever story pitch meeting at KOMU…it was bittersweet, as you can tell
  • I love hearing the entire news in my left ear
    • Another example of the beauty that is morning live
  • I never thought being a pizza delivery guy would help my journalism career
    • I know most of Columbia because of Papa Johns…it has helped covering events in CoMo tremendously

So there’s some of the random things that went through my mind this summer. Ultimately, I’d like to thank Randy and Josh for being great teachers and making this sporto like news (at least a little bit). Now on to sports reporting this year!


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